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Think of Phoenix Gym when you set your fitness goals. If you are serious about reaching those goals are gym is ready to help you surpass it.

Gym Membership Fees

Membership Fee

Invest in yourself! Phoenix Gym is comitted to providing you an enviornment for you to surpass your fitness and metal goals. Join the Phoenix team today.

Gym Training Schedule

Training Schedule

Make time for yourself! We have designed our gym schedule to serve the needs of all members. Regardless of your skill level, there is a day and time available.

Muay Thai Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

All classes are designed to push you and help you improve. All classes require you to give at least 100%. Your future is created by what you do today.

Private Classes

Private Classes

For members who are limited on time or would like to work in a private group we offer private classes. Limited times and days are available.

Latest News

Ulysses First Muay Thai Fight

Ulysses has been training muay thai for a few years now. He has always trained hard and started coaching fellow students, but nothing is like the real deal. He now has his first fight under his belt. With a strong show of determination, we are sure this young warrior has a bright future ahead of him.

Crazy Stories From The Gym

Every gym has a list of strange, funny, and crazy stories. Today Anthony Manning from Phoenix Australia shares some of his stranger moments from his gym. When you are running a martial arts gym of any kind for long enough and you will attract some people who have seen too many movies and are inspired to test themselves.

Knees of Fury

The Light heavyweight kickboxing title was for grabs at Knees of Fury 44 and Phoenix’s Gaz Rees was fighting to bring it home. Knees of Fury presented the WORLD LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT GRAND PRIX 2014, where there was 8 of the best light heavyweight fighters from around the world came to fight to see who was the king of the fury. To determine the King of Fury the winner needed to win 3 fights in the one night!

Muay Thai Equipment

Phoenix Gear

Support your local small business and Phoenix Gym by purchasing our fitness equipment. Our customized gear will match the quality, if not beat, any of the mainstream manufacturers. At the same time you will help show your support. For those who are interested in customizing and of their boxing or fitness gear please contact us for a Free Quote.

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